If you want to have documents soon, you can choose between 24, 48 and 72 hr rush requests.

Due dates and times are calculated from the time the rush is requested, not from the original time of the order. Please be aware that some property managers have a default 5pm delivery time for all requests.

You can upgrade your rush status if you need documents sooner than the due date provided on the original request:

First step is to login to your StrataPress account.

From the main dashboard, view Pending orders

Click on the order you want to change in order to navigate to the View Order page.

Click on the ‘Order Details‘ tab at the bottom of this section.

Click the red ‘Get Order Sooner’ button.

Select from the rush options available from the drop down menu (24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs).

The new due date and time, based on your rush selection, will be displayed in red next to ‘New Due Date:’

Once you have selected a rush time, click the ‘Submit‘ button

Process payment to complete your rush request.


An email notification will be sent to the Property Manager to alert them of the change in delivery time.