Property Management accounts now have the option to use 2-Step Verification.

Option to use the Google Authenticator for Android or Google Authenticator for iPhone & iPads.

To enable 2-Step Verification, access the security settings under the profile at the top right corner of the dashboard.

On the security page, you can change your login password and add 2-Step Verification.

Click the check-box beside ‘Enable 2-Step Verification with Google Authenticator’

Once enabled you will see a QR Code and a verification field appear.

Scan the QR Code with your phone and open the link using  the Google Authenticator app.

From the Google Authenticator app, input the 6 digit verification code into the verification field.

Next, click the ‘Validate Code‘ button.

A green message box will appear saying ‘Authenticator Enabled

Your account is now setup using the 2-Step Verification.

Next time you login you will have a second step where you have to provide the verification code from the Google Authenticator.

To TURN OFF 2-Step Authentication, uncheck the check-box next to ‘Enable 2-Step Verification with Google Authenticator

An alert will appear saying ‘Authentication Disabled‘.