This feature can only be administered by the Property Management account.

Every strata property is different and the information a Strata Manager may want to track about a property may be specific to the management process they have. We have created ‘Dynamic Fields‘ so you can add information to a property.

Adding a dynamic field to one property will add the same field to all properties under the same management. If a new property is created, or if a strata property has been transferred into you property portfolio, the dynamic fields will be added automatically.

Note: Only the dynamic field is present on all properties, the information in the field is specific to each property.

To add a dynamic field to a property follow these steps:

Go to ‘Edit Property‘ using the mini-menu for the property.


Click on the ‘Additional Info‘ tab.

Scroll down the page and located the green ‘+ Add Field’ button on the left side of the page under the Warranty and Insurance Information sections.

Clicking will open a pop-up window where you select the field type.

Field types:

  • Small Text Field – This is a one line field suitable for one line of information like a name or number
  • Large Text Field – This is an expandable text filed for more information like a property description
  • Checkbox Field – A checkbox to indicate an option or list of options associated to the property that could have an On & Off state.
  • Choices Field – This is for selecting a field that provides a number of options from a drop-down menu


Simply choose a Field Type, provide a Field Name for the field and then click on ‘Add Field‘.

The new field will appear on the dashboard after it is created.

An ‘Edit Field‘ button will appear next to the ‘+Add Field‘ button.

If you want to edit the field, click on the ‘Edit Field‘ button.

Choose the field to edit from the drop-down list of dynamic fields, then click on ‘Edit Field‘.

You have the choice to change the field type, change the name of the field or remove the field.

Make the changes and click ‘Update Field‘.

If a field was accidentally deleted, it can be restored by contacting StrataPress admin.