You can add Insurance details to the property for quick reference and to get reminders of when that insurance renewal date is approaching.

Reminder notifications sent by default when Insurance is added to the Property Details.

  • 3 months prior to renewal date
  • 2 months prior to renewal date
  • 1 month prior to renewal date

These default notification reminders can be edited after the Insurance is added via the Event Calendar.

The ‘Add Insurance‘ feature is found on the ‘Edit Property‘ section (the Edit Property section is found on the mini-menu for the property).

Under the ‘Additional Info‘ tab.

Scroll down the page and locate the ‘+Add‘ button for Insurance and click on it.

In the pop-up, fill in the Insurance Type, the Insurance Renewal Date and the Insurance Broker.

Click on ‘Add Insurance‘.

Click on ‘Save Changes‘ at the bottom of the Edit Property section.

An email notification reminder is set automatically with the addition of an Insurance Policy.

This reminder events is added to the Event Calendar for the property, on the date that was selected.

Clicking on the Event in the Calendar will open up edit options.

Click on the edit icon at the top right corner of the Calendar Event when the pop-up window opens.

Once open, you can edit the event details, add or remove reminders, choose who can view the event and add an attachment.

Click ‘Update‘ to save any changes.

Add an attachment and it will be available for others to download from the Calendar Event details.