Tenant accounts are sometimes created by a Strata Owner by mistake, or they’ve become Strata Owners in the development where they previously rented.

We have added a simple feature that allows Property Managers and Strata Mangers to convert a Tenant account to a Strata Owner account.

This feature only applies to Tenants who have registered an account with dashboard access. Tenant profiles that have been added by a Strata Owner to only receive Update notifications can not be changed to Strata Owner accounts.

Tenants on the Tenants list who do not have portal access have an icon under their Status indicating they can not login.

To change the Tenant account to a Strata Owner account, follow these steps:

Go to the ‘Tenants‘ list from the property menu.

Click on the Tenant name to access their profile details.

On the Personal Info section of the Profile, scroll down to the Account Type, with the blue ‘Convert to Owner Account‘ button.

Click on ‘Convert to Owner‘.

Confirm the action in the pop-up window that is presented.

Click on ‘Convert Account‘.

They are now a Strata Owner with Strata Owner access on the portal dashboard.

No notifications are sent out when this task is completed.

The login credentials for the user do not change.