A Strata Manager’s account can’t be deleted, it can only be disabled.

The data associated with the account remains in the control of the Property Manager.

This allows the property manager to enable the account if needed at a future date.

From the Dashboard, click on the ‘Managers’ link on the left side menu bar.

This option is available to Property Managers and Strata Managers who have admin permissions for managing Strata Managers. Not all Strata Managers have the option to edit other Strata Managers. Talk to your Property Manager if you need your admin permissions changed.

When viewing the list of Strata Managers, click on the name of the manager you want to edit.

Look for the setting for ‘Status‘ and change the setting from ‘Enabled‘ to ‘Locked

After selecting, click the ‘Save Changes‘ button.

You can remove the account from all of the Assigned Property(s) and turn off all of the notifications if you want. Just uncheck them.