The “Form F: Certificate of Payment” provides information on whether the owner of a strata lot owes money to the strata corporation.

The Form F is required by the Land Title Office when transferring a strata property to a new owner.

Any registered Strata Owner can request a Form F certificate from their property management or strata council. The cost of a Form F certificate is $15 (+processing fee) and is collected on behalf of the property management company or the strata corporation, if it is self-managed.

A Form F can be ordered through the StrataPress portal for your Strata Corporation.

Login to the Strata Owners Portal here:

The ‘Request Form F‘ button is found in the ‘Form B & Form F Certificates’ widget at the bottom of the main page of the dashboard.

Click the ‘Request Form F‘ button.

You will be asked to confirm the Form F certificate is what you require.

Most often these are provided to Lawyers and Notaries involved in the conveyancing of a strata property.

Click ‘Agree and Proceed‘.

You need to know the following:

  • Strata Lot Number
  • Strata Unit Number (It’s on your front door)
  • Parcel Identifier (PID#)
  • Legal Lot Description

This information, if you don’t already have it, can be obtained from the BC Assessment website.

Find your property on the home page of the BC Assessment website and you will get the PID# and Legal Lot Description needed to request a Form B certificate.

Once you submit the information and make payment, your order summary will appear in the widget to the right of the Form F widget (see below).

Any documents the Property Manager or Council are required to provide will be automatically added to the order, but for Strata Owners, there is no additional costs for these required documents.


Once you click the ‘Submit Order‘ button, you have one more confirmation, then you will be directed to a payment page to pay for the order.

Add this point you can also add a rush on the delivery time.

Click on the ‘Add Rush’ button and choose from the options provided.


Choose how soon you would like the order delivered and the completion date will be re-calculated accordingly.

There is an additional fee for rush service. The rush fee is set by the Property Manager or Strata Council (self-managed strata only).

Click ‘Submit’ once you have made your selection and the rush will be added to your order.

Once payment is made, you’ll find the order details posted at the bottom of the main dashboard page.

The order # appears on the order for reference. You can click anywhere on this order and view the details of what you submitted.


You will receive an email notification when the order is completed.

You can click on the link provided in the email notification or log into your account directly to download the Form F certificate.

Click the ‘Completed Requests’ button found in the ‘Form B & Form F Certificates’ widget to access your order and download the documents.