When you try to add a new property that already exists in the StrataPress system, you’ll get one of two messages.

  1. This property already exists in your own portfolio. 
  2. This property already exists in our system and is managed by a different company.

#2 is the point at which you can request transfer of a property if it is managed by another company.

To get there:

Click on ‘Properties‘ on the left side menu bar.

Click on the green ‘+ Add Property‘ button.

Once you provide the Strata Plan Number, hit ‘Enter‘ or click in the next text field on the form.

If the Strata Plan already exists and is managed by another company, then you will be prompted with a request to transfer form.

Provide a message along with the request (optional).

Select the date you take over management of this property.

Click the blue ‘Yes‘ button to send the request.

Once the request is approved, you will be notified, and the property will be transferred to your portfolio on the date selected in the request.

If you need to approve a Property Transfer Request, follow these steps.