If you own a strata unit but you do not live at the strata development, add your mailing address to receive correspondence and documents from the Property Manager delivered to where you live.

To add a mailing address go to your profile information by clicking on your name at the top right corner of the dashboard.

On the ‘Edit Your Profile‘ page, click on the ‘Property Name‘ tab next to the ‘Personal Info‘ tab.

Scroll to the bottom and change the setting ‘Do you live in this Unit?’ from Yes to No.

Click ‘Update Property Information‘.

Once the information has been saved, click the ‘Personal Info‘ tab at the top of the page.

Under Personal Info, scroll down and put in your Mailing Address details.


Click ‘Update Profile‘ to save the information.

If you want to STOP using the mailing address, change the setting ‘Do you live in this Unit?’ from No to Yes and save settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE* IF the consent to receive documents by email instead of regular mail option is checked, you won’t receive documents by mail. If you want documents mailed to you, uncheck the option and click ‘Update Profile‘.