Creating a Discussion lets you communicate with all council members and management, along with select Strata Owners.

(Discussions can be only be created by Strata Managers and council members).

You can add a simple Poll to a Discussion to get feedback about any topic.

To create a Poll, go to ‘Discussions’ on the left side menu bar or the property mini-menu.

In the Discussions section, click the green “+ Create Discussion” button at the top right corner of the dashboard.

Add a subject and message for the Discussion, then click the green “Add Voting Poll” button at the bottom of the page, below the list of Strata Owners.

The Discussion message can be used to provide details and information that is to be voted on. (eg: Option A, Option B, Option C).

In the Pop-up window add a title, answers (one per line) and an expiry date for the poll.

You can add as many poll answer choices as you like.

Then click the ‘Create Voting Poll‘ button

The details of the poll will be displayed above the Publish button.

Edit the poll be clicking the green ‘Edit Voting Poll‘ button.

Delete the poll by clicking the red ‘X‘ indicated below.

You can add an attachment to the Discussion if desired.

The poll appears at the bottom of the Discussion Message.

Council members and selected Strata Owners will have until the expiry date to vote on the poll.

Responses to the poll can be changed by the Voter up until the time the poll expiry date.

For the Voter, the poll look a little different (see below).

Voters can submit their vote anonymously, if they want.

Results are show the the Voter once the vote has been submitted.

Voters can change their selection up until the expiry date of the poll by clicking ‘Change my Answer‘ underneath the poll results.

** Refresh the page after voting to have the ‘Change my Answer’ option appear.

Select the new choice and ‘Submit your Vote‘.

On the Administration side, all council members and strata management can view the results of the poll by clicking on the ‘View All Votes‘ button.

All names are revealed unless the vote was cast anonymously.

Discussions with Polls have a poll indicator next to the subject when viewing the archive of Discussions.