We have a feature that enables you to invite a Strata Owner to register for their strata portal. This can be used by a Property Manager, Strata Manager or Council Member.

Anyone invites using this feature will be added to the Unregistered Owners List.

This Invitation feature can be found in the Unregistered Users section of the dashboard.

Property Managers and Strata Managers can go to the ‘Properties‘ section of the dashboard.

Self-managed Strata Council members can skip to the next step.


Click the mini-menu to the right of the property listing.

Choose ‘Unregistered Users‘ from the menu selection.

On the Unregistered Users section, click the green “+ Invite User” button.

A pop-up window will appear for you to submit the email address of the recipient.

If you have multiple recipients to invite, click the green “+” button and add additional emails. Add as many as you need.

Click submit to send the invitation.

A formatted email messages is sent to the recipient with clear instructions on what steps to take to register.

If someone is already registered on StrataPress, the message “This email already has an account, it can not be added as an owner”.  If that is the case you will need to contact them another way or submit a different email.

If someone is already registered for the property you are inviting them to join, an error message will appear that says “This email is already added to this property.

IF someone doesn’t register, their name and email will remain on the Unregistered Users list until they do register. IN the meantime, they will receive posted Updates, but they only receive an excerpt of the posted Update, with a request to register to read the entire message online.

Users can opt-out of further Update notifications and remove themselves form the Unregistered Users list using a link provided in every message. Property Managers and Council Members can also remove Users from the list anytime.

IF the User chooses to register, they will receive access to the portal without having to be approved by the Property Manager or Council.