Updates are posted by the Property Manager or the Strata Council.

Updates are sent to all Strata Owners and registered Tenants via email and may contain attachments like PDF files, Images files or documents. When posting an Update, the entire message will be contained within the email sent to Strata Owners. A Strata Owner would only need to visit the portal dashboard if they wanted to comment on an Update, if the comments are enabled.

Updates can be posted with comments enabled, or disabled. Comment settings for each Update can be changed anytime.

For Property Managers and Strata Managers, the Updates section is located on the mini-menu for each properties.

Go to ‘Properties‘ list found on the left side menu bar on the dashboard.

Find the property mini-menu on the far right side of the property listing.

Select ‘Updates‘ from the mini-menu.

Within the Updates section, there will be a chronological list of previously posted Updates.

Click on the Update headline to view the Update.

To create a new Update, click the green ‘+ Create Update’ button found near the top left corner of the dashboard.

On the ‘Create An Update’ page you’ll find that posting an Update is similar to sending an email.

Provide a SUBJECT line and a MESSAGE, and attach any documents (PDF) you want to send. You can send up to 5MB of attachments in one Update.

Choose whether or not to allow comments, select the recipients and then click the blue ‘Publish Updates’ button.