Notices‘ are a method of communicating directly with a single Strata Owner or a small group of Strata Owners.

The difference between a Discussions and Notices is that Notices WILL NOT send a notification to all strata council members, but all council members can view the posted Notices.

Notices can only be created by the Property Manager and Council Members.  Strata Owners will only be able to view Notices that have been sent to them.

This feature can be turned on and off using the property settings for any strata (under the ‘Additional Options’ tab).

To post a Notice, you can navigate to the side bar menu (self-managed strata) and click on ‘Notices‘.

Or via the mini-menu for the property itself.

Click on the green ‘+ Create Notice’ button.

Just like an email, add a Subject of Notice for the email notification.

Then add a message.

Select who you want the Notice to be sent to. You can select Council Members as well as Strata Owners.

Check the box beside their name.

Once you have selected the recipients, click on the ‘Publish Notice‘ button.

That’s it!

If you want to check who received and opened their Notice, click on the Notice itself, then click the ‘View Email‘ button at the top right corner of the page.

You CAN add an attachment to a Notice. Up to 5Mb total file size for all attachments.

Council Members will be able to view all posted Notices in the Notices archive.

Only the Strata Owners selected will be able to view the Notices they have been included on.