It is possible now for Property Management and Council Member to post Updates, Discussions and Notices using a general alias name, which would typically be the ‘Strata Council’ or ‘Property Management Company’ instead of using the personal name of the person who posted it.

This allows self-managed stratas to post messages without having to use a separate ‘Council’ account.

This also allows Strata Managers to post information and messages without having to login to a shared ‘Property Management’ account.

For self-managed strata councils, the alias name is set as ‘Strata Council at [property name]

For Property Management companies, the alias name can be set on the Settings section for the Property Management account.

Once an alias name has been selected, be sure to click the ‘Update Settings’ button at the bottom.

The alias selection is available on all outgoing communications as well as the ‘Reply’ option on any post.

The name of the person who posted the message is visible to the property management and strata council.

The name of the person who posted the message is on the post itself, highlighted in red.

The post illustrated above used ‘Strata Council at Victoria Condo‘ as the alias and it was posted by Mary Florence.

All email notifications associated to the post will also indicate that it was posted with the alias name.