If you are a Rental Manager, you need to create a Property Management account first, and you can then add a Rental Manager to your account. A Rental Manager account can then be linked to a Strata Owner’s unit within StrataPress.

A Rental Manager will be able to receive Updates on behalf of Strata Owners who are represented through their Rental Management services.

A Strata Owner must INVITE a Rental Manager to link to their account, and once the invitation is accepted by the Rental Manager, they will be able to receive notifications of Updates posted by the Property Manager or the Strata Council. The Rental Manager will be able to add Tenants to receive property updates and generate an e-signed Form K in the process.

To Add a Rental Manager within the Property Manager account:

Click on ‘Rental Manager‘ option on the left side menu bar.

Next, click on the green ‘+ Add Manager‘ button at the top right corner of the dashboard.

Provide the information required to create an account.

First Name, Last Name & Email are required.

Click on the blue ‘Save Changes‘ button.

The new Rental Manager will receive a confirmation via the email provided for their account.

Once they verify the account, they will be able to login and access their StrataPress dashboard.

On the Property Manager’s dashboard, there is a list of Owner’s accounts that they are connected to.


When a Rental Manager is connected to a Strata Owner’s account, they can

  • View an archive of Updates sent to Owner
  • Access essential documents
  • Manage notifications
  • Add Tenant to Owner’s account
  • Track the Updates sent to a Tenant

A Strata Owner can add a Rental Manager is a couple of steps.

From the Strata Owner’s dashboard, there is an option to add a Rental Manager using the Tenant widget found on the main dashboard. (The Tenant widget has to be enabled and it is managed by the Strata Manager or Strata Council to be accessible for Strata Owners.)

From the Tenant Widget, click on the mini-menu and then click ‘+Add Rental Manager

Choose from a drop-down list of Rental Managers (Verify selection with Name, Email and Phone Number of the Rental Manager)

Click on the ‘Submit‘ button.

This will send an email notification to the Rental Manager so they can respond.

The Rental Manager will receive the request and go their dashboard to approve the request for connection with the Strata Owner.

Clicking on the green check (button) will activate a pop-up window to allow verification of the approval.

Once the connection request has been approved, the Rental Manager will have access to a dedicated dashboard for the property, which can be accessed by clicking on the property name.

Clicking on the Strata Owner’s name will give access to ADD a Tenant to the account.