Adding a Tenant requires the submission of a  signed Form K to the property management.

The Strata Owner can add a Tenant via their account on the Strata Owners portal. This automated process, using the Form K application, ensures tenants automatically receive email updates from the Strata Manager or Council.

What is a Form K?

If you rent out your strata property for over a month, both the owner and tenant must sign a form for the strata organization, confirming adherence to the Strata Property Act and the strata’s bylaws, rules, and regulations.

Adding a Tenant is a 3-step process:

  1. Strata Owner submits the Form K
  2. Tenant provides e-signature
  3. Property Management or Council approves access and the Tenant will start to receive Updates.

Each step is automated and takes less than 2 minutes.

To submit a Form K and register a Tenant, complete the following steps:

Look for the ‘Tenant’ Widget on the dashboard of the Strata Owners portal.

(The Tenant Widget will only appear on the dashboard if the strata property allows rentals and the property manager has the Tenant widget turned ‘On’.)

Select ‘+ Start Form K’ from the mini menu at the top right corner of the widget.

The Form K application pop-up will appear (see below).

Fill out all fields on the Form K application and then click the ‘Send Email’ button.

This will send a copy of the Form K application to your Tenant using the email address provided on the application.

Once you send the email to your Tenant, the Widget will list the Tenant name and the current status of their access.

The Tenant will receive an email notification with a link.

The Tenant will click the link and verify their email address to proceed to the next step.

The email address has to match the email address to notification was sent to.

The Tenant will provide there First and Last Name and sign the form electronically by typing their name in the signature box.

After the names have been provided, and they agree to comply with the  Bylaws and Rules, they click the  ‘Submit Form K‘ button

Bylaws and Rules are listed at the bottom of the page and can be downloaded by clicking on the file name.

The status on the Strata Owner dashboard will now say ‘Under Review‘.

An email notification will be sent to the Strata Owner confirming the signature on the Form K has been submitted by the Tenant.

A PDF copy of the Form K is sent to the Strata Owner and the Tenant.



An email notification, along with the signed Form K is also sent to the Strata Management.

Once the Strata Management has approved access, a notification will be sent to the Tenant informing them that they have been approved and will start receiving Update notifications when they are posted.

Once approved, the Tenant Widget on the Strata Owner portal will be updated.

The blue ‘X’ indicates the notifications are turned ON.

Removing the ‘X”, by clicking on it, will stop email notifications to the Tenant but keep them registered to the Strata Owners account.

To REMOVE the Tenant from the property, click the red trash can icon.

Confirmation of removal is done by clicking on the ‘Remove Tenant’ button in the pop-up that is triggered.

Tenant accounts are removed automatically when a Strata Owner vacates or is removed from a property.