We made changes to our Form F generator based on legal recommendations, so that we are providing a service that is compliant with the Strata Property Act.

There is no longer an option to choose (a) or (b) on the certificate, and there is no place on the Form F to indicate what money is owed, if any, nor the amount.

This is the official statement about the change:

The Certificate of Payment (Form F) is required by the land title office when transferring a strata property or for a lease or assignment of a lease pertaining to a strata lot. The strata corporation is responsible for providing the Form F. Neither the council nor a strata manager should sign the form unless they are satisfied that the owner of the strata lot:

(a) does not owe money to the strata corporation, or

(b) does owe money but

(i) the money claimed by the strata corporation has been paid into court, or to the strata corporation in trust, under section 114 of the Strata Property Act, or

(ii) arrangements satisfactory to the strata corporation have been made to pay the money owing.

The form itself does not include any information about money that has been paid into trust, what arrangements have been made, or the amounts.

It is simply a certification of fact.

Download a sample copy of the FORM F Certificate (From the BC Strata Property Act).

The Form F Certificate doesn’t have any indication of where anyone would put money owed, and there is no requirement to choose either A or B. To edit the Form F, or add additional information, would make the certificate non-compliant with the Act.

Arrangements for payment for any money owed should be made separately through a Letter of Undertaking. You can request an Undertaking Letter through the StrataPress portal, on the Order Details page. This feature is used a lot and makes the process of requesting an Undertaking simple. All other details about the order can be noted on the order itself, as a permanent record.

The Form F Certificate.