The Signing Authority feature is designed to enable an unlicensed office manager the ability to prepare a Form B or Form F Certificate and have it reviewed and approved by a licensed Strata Manager.

The Licensed Strata Manager will require a StrataPress account for this feature.

In the Profile Settings for the Strata Manager, check the box beside ‘Signing Authority‘.


If the ‘Edit Form B/F’s‘ checkbox is checked, the Licensed Strata Manager can edit and save any changes on the Form B or Form F they are reviewing. If unchecked, they can ONLY approve or Reject an approval request.

Requesting Approval from a Strata Manager. These steps apply to both the Form B and Form F requests.

The Form B or Form F needs to be created and saved before you can request a review by a Strata Manager.

After you have uploaded or generated an online Form B, click the ‘Request Signing Authority‘ option from the Order Details options menu at the top right corner of the Order Details window.


Choose an authorizing Strata Manager, include any special instructions, then click ‘Proceed’.

An email notification will be sent to the Strata Manager with an order summary, instructions, and a link to the Form B or Form F to be reviewed.

To cancel a Request for Signing Authority, click the red ‘Cancel Signing Authority’ button.