The Concierge Account will enable on site managers and concierge to create an account and access relevant information for each strata they have authorized access granted.

Once access is granted the Concierge account will have access to the strata property dashboard, including:

  • Calendar – See all upcoming events at the strata property.
  • Updates – Access an archive of Updates from the Property Management and Strata Council.
  • Discussions – Communication created between Strata Council members and select Strata Owners.
  • Requests – Communication from Strata Owners to the Property Management and Strata Council.

These options are available to the Concierge if the features are turned on by the Property Management.

The Concierge dashboard may include other information provided by the Property management.

Go to to register an account.

Choose ‘Concierge Manager‘ from the account types. Then click ‘I Understand‘ to advance in the registration process.

Fill in your Email Address and a Password of your choice.

Your password should be at least 8 characters.
Your password should contain 1 number, 1 UPPER CASE and 1 lower case letter.

Click on ‘Sign Me Up‘.

A Verification Code will be emailed to the address provided.

Next, continue with the registration process by adding your name and searching for the property you want to be associated with.

You will be required to verify the Strata property you choose.

Once the information is provided, agree to the Terms of Service and then click ‘Create My Account’.

Your account will be created and the Property Manager will be notified of your access request.

Your status on your dashboard will be ‘Waiting‘ until access has been granted.

Once access is granted, you will be sent an email notification and you can access the property dashboard.